Visual behavioral supports help students to refocus, and regain (or never lose in the first place!) control in the classroom. Many of the prompts here were modified from other creations, particularly from PictureSET, the special education technology people in British Columbia.

This file is a customizable accommodations check-list for a case manager to give to the teachers. It gives you space to be detailed and provide information that isn't on the accommodations form for an IEP.

Both of these files are for helping a student move from a situation that may escalate to an area to chill out. High school students don't use "time out", so we "chill". Both sheets have English & Spanish (although no promises on the accuracy of my Spanish translations, they may be rough!). Each one also has templates to print onto Avery 2x4 shipping labels with the "reasons" the student needs to chill. Print to card stock, and laminate. The cards with reasons should be printed to labels, stuck onto red index cards and laminated. It works because you had the student the folder as they move to the chill area, and avoid arguing over whether or not the student needs to go. Each prompt also has sections that remind the student what good classroom etiquette is, how to behave in chill, and a space so they can choose when to talk to staff.

This file can be printed on shipping labels to make "mini-calming" cards for students to keep at their desks as reminders. The original template is from PictureSET.