Supporting Materials and Professional Development

Supporting materials are things that teachers make to support independent work in students. I have made assignment sheets, directions for playing games, and classroom rule sheets.

Professional Development

ActivLoudoun 2014 & Park View Cluster HS Share Fair Evernote Materials


ThingLink Cold War Timeline Demo: A demo using a cold war timeline with picture to curate videos related to the cold war.


ActivLoudoun 2015 Pinterest Pinning Materials




Questions about using Pinterest for student portfolios or parent communication? Email Magi Shepley or Katie Robertson

Assignment Sheets

Game Supports

Directions for playing Uno and Yahtzee. Yahtzee includes a sample score card.

Computer Supports

A list of basic computer literacy skills, with specific skills noted for students with severe disabilities or completing alternate assessment programs as well as a brief nod to assistive technology.

Directions for Making a Book in Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader is a website affiliated with the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Center for Literacy & Disability studies. You do need to email the site manager in order to get a password to create books, but that was not at all difficult. I made a quick set of simple directions for my students to use in making books with screen shots. The screen shots are small... I was trying to use as few as possible to avoid confusion with my students. It seems to be working fairly well.

A Few Supports for People with Disabilities during an Emergency (I did not make any of these myself):