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Goal Setting Wordle-School
This I Believe-License Plate

Goal Setting Wordle

This I Believe:

US Geography: Geographical Foods (part of the 'Sharing Who We Are' project)

Bread is All Around Us: This project is the keystone to our 'Sharing Who We Are' project. Students with disabilities do not often get the opportunity to express themselves, share who they are, and what they believe in. This project will result in a series of podcasts created by the students about topics in our classroom. Since we have a variety of cultures and languages in our school, we chose to start with bread because after a brainstorming activity done in PowerPoint with PCS symbols and digital photographs we realized that everybody, all over the world, has bread. Here are the start-up files for the project and a few resources that I've found particularly useful.
Bread is All Around Us files
Our notes that we used to create the bread organizer below.

Baking Bread

Assistive Technology for Low Incidence Disabilities

This is My Life: Using Digital Media to Increase Literacy & Communication Skills


Supporting Materials

Parts of a Digital Camera Worksheet:
Zoom Hunt Worksheet: