This page will house materials related to history & history projects that we are doing.

American History

This is a writing frame for a basic essay on Native Americans and how they use the environment to live. It is a PowerPoint file, and if run in slideshow mode, the student simply fill in the form fields without disturbing the text. You can also print as "handouts" to make a nice graphic organizer when finished.

World History 2

I am teaching both self contained and team-taught World History 2. I'll share some of the materials, but cannot take credit for the initial creation on most; the regular education teachers I'm working with will have created most of the original materials.

This is an electronic version of a World Map to fill in, with a word bank. You should be able to save it using Adobe Reader. Each text box has a "tool tip" tag that tells the student whether the text box should get a country name, a continent name, or a body of water (ocean/sea).

This was the final project for my class this year. Students were required to choose a person we had studied in the second semester for their Fake Facebook Profile, and then something that person would have been known for to sell on eBay. One student who chose Mao Zedong sold Pork Fried Rice, and was very creative with her shipping options... wait for it.... Because, logically, pork fried rice shipped from China to the United States would arrive ROTTEN. ;) I made all of these myself (and I say this because there are teachers selling the same thing on TeachersPayTeachers, but I DID NOT use their product; but there are only so many ways you can have a Facebook or eBay page look!). I have provided them in Word so you can have students complete on the computer. Be careful with spacing---it gets messed up very easily!

Time Lines & Biographies

US Geography/Oh! The Places We'll Go


This chart has a link to a CNN Map of the 2008 elections. If you're seeing this a while after the election the link may not be available.

World Cultures

This is the entire project in a PDF file. Electronic copies for MS Word are below. The files were created in Office 2007; you will need either 2007 or the file converter for Office to read these files