Functional Academics

This page has various materials for functional academics. While the other subject area materials are also functional, the items on this page are more directly related to the soft job skills required for entry level jobs: filling in a job applications, personal information, and appropriate dress for a job.

Transition Tools

Job Applications & Personal Information

There are two versions of the next file. The PDF file can be printed and students can fill it in with pen or pencil. The Microsoft Word version can be filled in on the computer. At some point, I may get around to turning the PDF into a fillable form. The disadvantage to that, however, is that if the full version of Acrobat isn't available, it is harder to save a filled in form.

Picture Recipes

Many of these recipes also have text-only versions, and the older recipes do not follow a standardized format. Quite a few of these recipes have been "modeled" after the PCI Publications book Cooking to Learn in order to avoid confusing my students with a variety of recipe formats. The Cooking to Learn book recipes appear very similar to the other cooking resource we use most in the classroom, which is Attainment's old version of the Look N Cook Microwave book. The new version is in COLOR!!! Both books are wonderful resources for integrating cooking & language arts or math into your classroom. I have made all of these recipes at various points with my students.