This page hosts some materials that I've made for teaching English and Language Arts to students.

Commercial Advertising

Lesson Plans

Tools for Editing

Teaching Vocabulary Activities

Writing (Book Reports or Summaries)

Writing (Creative)

Blogging & Internet Safety Lessons

Newspaper Activities

These worksheets go together. One is a diagram with facts which could be used as an introduction. The other is the diagram with a wordbank and clues so students can fill in the diagram on their own as an assessment.

A worksheet to help write a summary of a newspaper article using who, what, where, when and picture symbol cues.

Reading Comprehension

Both of these files are for use with any reading material. The student chooses a topic, writes questions about the topic, then reads or completes an activity about the topic, and uses the New Facts worksheet to journal what they learned. I have electronic versions of these created in Office 2007. Email me if you would like those. I am also working on a version for use in IntelliTools Classroom Suite (version 4).